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Financing your lighting project with DK Finance

Converting to LED technology requires an investment that may be large or small depending on the scope of the project. DK LED does not leave companies to their own devices in this regard – we can also assist you with our financial expertise. DK LED specialists work with customers to develop customised project financing plans. Our financing proposals conserve equity while protecting balance sheets and credit ratings.

Every financing strategy from DK Finance starts off with an in-depth analysis: What are the customer’s requirements and possibilities? What is the scope of investment entailed by this project, and what potential savings does it offer?
We use the results of this analysis to develop a financing plan for the LED lighting project that best suits the customer’s needs. There are a number of possibilities on offer:

  1. Support programmes and subsidies
  2. Leasing financing
  3. Renting the lighting systems
  4. Light contracting
  5. Alternative forms of raising capital

DK Finance works with a broad spectrum of financing partners to ensure that it can provide every customer with the best offer for their requirements.

Light­ con­trac­ting – the cost-neutral introduction of LED technology

Light contracting is a type of energy performance contracting. With light contracting, the investment costs entailed by a conversion to LED technology are minimised, while energy performance contracting is a proven method of financing new energy-saving technologies.

With light contracting, everyone benefits: the contracting party achieves considerable savings on energy costs. In return for the payment of a contracting fee over a predefined period of time, the contracting party obtains the right to utilise an LED lighting system. Once the term of the contract has concluded, ownership of this system passes to the contracting party. The contractor – in this case DK LED – is able to optimise the utilisation of its LED lighting systems. The biggest winner is the environment, as the utilisation of LED technology reduces CO2 emissions significantly.

How does light contracting work?

DK LED optimises the contracting party’s lighting system at its own expense. The contracting party pays a monthly contracting fee for the utilisation of the new LED lighting. These fees are tax-deductible. At the same time, the customer achieves extensive savings on their energy costs. The term of the contracting agreement and amount of the monthly fee are defined in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.